3 Ways to Become Location Independent Today!

Posted: July 10, 2017

Location Independence is a hot tagline right now.  But what is it?

To be location independent is, to put it broadly, having a career or reliable income that doesn’t chain you to any particular location.  There are a lot of ways to have a location independent income.

1.  Create a passive income stream

If you read about the people who have retired at the age of 30 and live their lives traveling the world, most likely you’ll find out they have quite a few passive income streams.  A passive income is just that – a regular influx of money with little to no effort involved.  This usually includes products you make up front and sell many times over, such as books, music, website templates, stock images, etc.  It doesn’t include any income to stops coming in as soon as you stop working, or deliver a single product or service that won’t be sold again.  Creating the right kind of passive income can be very rewarding.  Learn more here.

2.  Convince your boss to let you work remotely

You probably read this one and thought something snarky like, “well you don’t know my boss.”  Sometimes this works.  When I had a 9-5 desk job, I didn’t pitch location independence, but I did pitch a job-share idea the company had never done before.  I wasn’t optimistic at all that they would even consider it, especially considering my boss’s, well, inflexibility, and her slight disdain for me.   But my pitch was well researched and ended up being surprisingly well received.  I carefully outlined the benefits the company would gain from it, and implied my higher morale benefits as well.  Sometimes people don’t get the things they want in life because they’re simply too afraid to ask.

3.  Work anywhere as a freelancer

My husband and I moved to Uganda for a job first, and when that expired we wanted to stay, but had no access to an income.  He dusted off his camera, his hobby that oozes talent, and it became a full time freelancing job for him.  Some freelancing is location based – like photography / videography, obviously he needs to be on location to get the product the client needs, but the same market is completely over saturated in the states, and almost wide open in Uganda / East Africa comparatively.  In our case, his location is a huge benefit to the clients who would otherwise have to fly someone in, and has proven beneficial to both us and the clients who hire him.

Other freelance work, like writing, has absolutely no location restrictions at all, as long as there’s internet.  As someone blogging from rural East Africa, I’ve found its harder to find places you can’t blog.


Sometimes people who live abroad have actually created a combination of all 3 of these income generators.  Have you tried any of these?  What’s worked, and what hasn’t for you?

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